Ludwig Wittenzellner

Ludwig Wittenzellner

Producer - Drama, Financial Controller


Ludwig Wittenzellner is the Founder and Managing Director of Kiwi TV and Film Limited which is based in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty.

He is German and set up the company in 2016 for delivering content to major German TV stations in the area of documentaries, news and people.

In former years, Ludwig Wittenzellner was co-founder and CFO for EarlyBird GmbH, a German production company, located in Munich and Berlin, which an yearly turnover of more than $ 20 Mio. and a daily TV-precense.

Mr. Wittenzellner was Bank-Manager and tax consultant in Germany and gave advice to a lot of TV-production companies in Germany, as well as to actors and other employees in the media sector.

His strenght is in the financial sector and his motto is: Creativity can be better developed when the financial foundations are right.

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